Which Comes first the Layout or the Photo?!

Ok so this is a question I get asked a lot.  How do you create all these layouts without knowing what pictures go on them?  Ill be honest and tell you I create both ways.  Somedays I just want to copy other peoples beautiful layouts and somedays I have a specific project to work on.  Two things I have found is that I always love to get the new items in the catalog and I am prone to be a Hoarder…shh dont tell my husband!  I used to be so bad about buying an extra pack of my “favorite” paper only to have a new favorite come along and never again touch my stash.  SO…a few years ago I began making as many layouts as possible out of the current paper packs even if I didnt have photos. (this is a layout I created several weeks ago)Valentines

How does this work?  Well the trick is to leave your photo areas a common size i.e. 4×6, 4×4, 3×3.  Most of the time I leave a title off and eventually I will go back and when I have a surplus of photos or events I just start searching my stash of pre-made pages.  And if I have more photos than I have places enter in one of my most favorite products—-> Flip Flaps.  With all of out sizes and varieties the amount of photos is endless!

Valentines2013Give it a try scrap an entire paper pack with or without photos.  It cuts down on your stash and helps you get caught up!

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