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Which Comes first the Layout or the Photo?!

Ok so this is a question I get asked a lot.  How do you create all these layouts without knowing what pictures go on them?  Ill be honest and tell you I create both ways.  Somedays I just want to copy other peoples beautiful layouts and somedays I have a specific project to work on.  Two things I have found is that I always love to get the new items in the catalog and I am prone to be a Hoarder…shh dont tell my husband!  I used to be so bad about buying an extra pack of my “favorite” paper only to have a new favorite come along and never again touch my stash.  SO…a few years ago I began making as many layouts as possible out of the current paper packs even if I didnt have photos. (this is a layout I created several weeks ago)Valentines

How does this work?  Well the trick is to leave your photo areas a common size i.e. 4×6, 4×4, 3×3.  Most of the time I leave a title off and eventually I will go back and when I have a surplus of photos or events I just start searching my stash of pre-made pages.  And if I have more photos than I have places enter in one of my most favorite products—-> Flip Flaps.  With all of out sizes and varieties the amount of photos is endless!

Valentines2013Give it a try scrap an entire paper pack with or without photos.  It cuts down on your stash and helps you get caught up!

Surfs Up + Bahamas = Perfection Part 2

Here are the other layouts I have completed.  I still have several to go but feel like I have made a pretty good dent thus far.  My creative juices are flowing and my daughter has become a sweet scrapbooking companion!


Bahamas layout 5

Bahamas layout 6

Celebrating the Not so Happy Moments

Did that title catch your attention?  Yeah I know its a weird one but I will explain.



So today is the 2 year anniversary of one of my worst days.  When my son was 5 days old he quit nursing so I took him to the Dr.  They told us he was positive for RSV and needed to be hospitalized immediately.  Apparently Newborns can bottom out fairly quickly with this evil virus and so we ran home to pack a bag not sure how long the stay would be.  They poked him, they prodded him and made him very uncomfortable.  He was still so sweet and little and happy.  He was barely sick.  I had no idea what the next few days held for us.  He went downhill some but it became so frustrating because everything they were doing I could have done at home.

On day 5 of our stay the Dr said if his stats held through the night that they would let us go home.  What ominous words those were.  He bottomed out around 4 that morning and after several attempts to help him recover one of the biggest men I had ever met (a respiratory therapist with huge hands) grabbed my tiny son up and said if we don’t go now there may be no going back and carried him across to the NICU.  (the picture on the second page that is taken through the bars of the hospital bed was in the midst of this moment.  I thought it may be the last picture I took of him.  It was also the photo that I sent to my husband telling him to come quick.  He arrived to the hospital in tears) About this time the chaplain for the hospital and my minister showed up (them both being there was pure coincidence) making the situation totally surreal.  They shoved tubes down his throat, IVs in his arm and I watched from the back of the room as the Dr.s worked their magic.  Ev just stared at me and I prayed I fell on my knees in the hospital room and prayed.  My husband, best friend, mom and I  waited for him to become stable and within minutes they knew he would be ok.  He remained in the NICU for 3 days and after 10 days we finally got to go home.

2 years later he is a happy, healthy, rambunctious 2 year old.  IMG_8030When I was able to recover and hold it together I started to scrapbook again.  My husband thought it was so odd that my first layout was Evs “Hospital Adventure”.  It was therapeutic.  I had fought for my child, I had fallen on my knees and prayed for him and God showed up.  I was proud of us and I knew that I wanted to capture that moment in time so that when he was 18 he would understand what we had gone through.  I love being able to share this story, It may just be through paper and pen but he will know it was an important moment.  I think we need to capture our lives to share with our children and it may not always be happy but they need to know there are hard times.  They need to know how hard we fought.  They need to know we were sad or afraid but we got through.  My scrapbooks tell my family’s story!  I challenge you to tell your story through your memory/scrapbooks.  A lot of times the hard times help create a stronger you.  Make sure to capture those moments also.  Tell your whole story.

For Always

For Always GreenHere is another sneak peak at one of our new paper packs.                                            For Always has been one of my favorites to play with.  Who doesn’t love Black and White?  and then throwing in some green!

For Always Green 3

The coordinating stickers are beautiful and are perfect for creating titles and these beautiful little embellished clusters.

For Always Green2I just love the way this layout turned out with my black and white family photos.  If you love this layout you can create it with me on February 16th at my all day crop.  I will have all of the new products and new catalogs.  We will be creating some beautiful layouts!

Whooo’s your Valentine

So I love GLITTER but I hate it getting everywhere.  I mean seriously I would love everything to have a little sparkle but…I just hate cleaning it up.  Enter in one of my most favorite additions to the new catalog…Glitter paper!  It is just beautiful and in 6 different colors.  You can’t order out of the new catalog until February 1st but if you order $35 worth of product with me through January 31st you can get the great Whooos your Valentine kit which includes (drumroll) silver glitter paper!  I am in the process of making my Valentines but I bought the super cute monkey placemats (My inspiration picture in the previous post) and just had to get a layout made.  Valentines

I loved all the different hearts in the Whooos Your Valentine set.  I also loved the patterned background stamps so I decided I wanted to make my own patterned paper using the hearts and chevron stripe.  Keep in mind all of the the white space will be photos.  I cut hearts out using my Artiste and stamped the coordinating stamps on them.  I cut the I Love You out on the Artiste and I think it completed the page.  It came together pretty quick and I just love how the glitter paper makes it pop.

Here is the deal if you spend $35 with me through this month you qualify for the Whooos Your Valentine kit for $10.00 (retails for $40.00) which takes your order to $45.00.  Spend $50 and you qualify for the Stamp of the month for $5 (which retails for 17.95).  01_13_SOM_Valentine_stamps.ashxSo through the end of January you can spend $55.00 (before tax and shipping) and receive $93.00 in great Close To My Heart Products.  To put some icing on your cake spend $55.00 with me and order the Whooos Your Valentine  Kit and I will send you this layout all cut out and stamped.  All you have to do is put it together and add your pictures!    You don’t want to miss this one!  Contact me or you can shop here.  After you place your order online shoot me an email or comment under this post that you took advantage of my $55.00 deal.

Avonlea layouts

I have finally been able to finish some of my projects.  I always hate to post pages without pictures.  I have never scrapped my cousins wedding from 2 years ago (I was pregnant with my son which feels like forever ago).  This Avonlea paper was perfect for her wedding colors and I just love playing with this beautiful paper and accesories.

Aren’t these colors gorgeous and I just love all the extra bling.



The Brocade Assortment and coordinating stamp set make this layout pop don’t you think?


A very hard lesson to learn

Unfortunately for all my wonderful followers my blogging roll has been put into an involuntary slump.
Unfortunately for me my fairly new computer crashed diagnosis dead hard drive. Yes that’s right total loss which is pretty devastating. I am a pretty nostalgic person and I take a lot…a lot of pictures. I am also the mother of two small children and lets be honest something’s don’t get done that should. And for me one of those things is backing my computer up. TEAR!

(this is how I felt)
The one thing I have going for me is I am fairly caught up on my scrap booking meaning I just ordered my June photos and I hadn’t uploaded August into my computer yet so thankfully the last 6 months weren’t totally lost just July.
Needless to say I am waiting on my new hard drive and figuring out how to start over from scratch.
Here is a quick sneak peak of one of my most recent projects. I am not able to edit pictures until my computer is restored but I think this photo is cute enough to give you an idea.



Mamas dont let your babies grow up to be JPEGS!

As many of you know from following my blog or talking to me I recently came back from Close to My Hearts annual Convention.  I learned so much and had so so much fun.

One of the high lights for me was our keynote speaker Stacy Julian founder of Big Picture Scrapbooking .  She made a huge impact on me and really spoke to my heart.   We take so many more pictures today in the digital age than when we had to get our film developed.  I remember dropping off a disposable camera and praying for enough good photos for a whole scrapbook page!  Now we are able to take 100s of pictures of every event, be it a birthday or a walk to the park.  We crop and photoshop them and then print off the perfect picture… sometimes.  Too many times we upload them put them on facebook and forget about them.

Stacy put into words the reasons I love scrapbooking so so much…Its not about the pictures it is about the memory.  So many times I have heard people say I don’t have time to scrapbook and it makes me sad.   Yes the picture is beautiful but what does it mean to you?  Why are you at the pumpkin patch or why is it your favorite dress?  What makes it special or stand out?  That is the important question.

The story you’re most qualified to tell is your own.  If you don’t do it who will.  You are living your story, now start telling it!

Here is the video Stacy Julian shared with us.  It was really beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cruisin’ Club

Our next club date is May 24th.  We will be doing the Cruisin’ workshop.  I love this paper!  Who doesn’t have an awesome road trip that needs to be scrap booked?  I especially love the scrabble tiles, this page makes titles easy!



Florentine Workshop

I am so excited to show you some of the pages I have created.  Fortunately for my club members I have made Club this month more of a workshop and they will have the option to make 4 layouts using the workshop.  This is an awesome deal and I know they are going to love what I have created.

I didn’t really like this paper at first but after playing with it I have come up with gorgeous layouts that use all of the fun extras for this kit.  I just love the stickease and the Timeless charms.

Do you love these pages?  If so and you aren’t coming to my club contact me on how to get everything you need to make these pages.  you can shop with me at http://www.ldelamare.ctmh.com.  And a bonus for this month is if you order evereything you see here you will be able to get the Dotty For You paper pack for 5$.  Thats a great deal!  I cant wait to scrap with you.