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Lots and Lots of Dots

I love this paper can you tell?  I am so excited about what I am working on.  Would you love to come to a workshop and leave with a finished scrapbook?  Im talking like 14 layouts?  You could put a whole year in a book in an afternoon or, like Im doing, an entire trip of a lifetime. Thats right I am finally scrapbooking our Bahamas trip from two years ago and this paper is perfect!!  I am so excited about what I am creating.  I hope that you will like it so much that you will want to come to the workshop.  More pictures to follow!

Dotty For You

I am so excited about this years National Scrapbook Special.  Its called Dotty for you and it is vibrant, beautiful and unisex!  I have lots of great projects planned for this paper pack and I hope that you will join me.

Here is the recent video released by corporate.  It gives you a pretty good over view.  There will be lots of blog post to follow.

Lots of Dots Video