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A very hard lesson to learn

Unfortunately for all my wonderful followers my blogging roll has been put into an involuntary slump.
Unfortunately for me my fairly new computer crashed diagnosis dead hard drive. Yes that’s right total loss which is pretty devastating. I am a pretty nostalgic person and I take a lot…a lot of pictures. I am also the mother of two small children and lets be honest something’s don’t get done that should. And for me one of those things is backing my computer up. TEAR!

(this is how I felt)
The one thing I have going for me is I am fairly caught up on my scrap booking meaning I just ordered my June photos and I hadn’t uploaded August into my computer yet so thankfully the last 6 months weren’t totally lost just July.
Needless to say I am waiting on my new hard drive and figuring out how to start over from scratch.
Here is a quick sneak peak of one of my most recent projects. I am not able to edit pictures until my computer is restored but I think this photo is cute enough to give you an idea.