Scrapbooking the Funny memories!

So we all love to have the posed pictures that everyone is smiling and looking great but… let’s face it those are few and far between especially if you have small children. Now that my daughter is 4 I love capturing these melt down moments it’s also necessary some days. I don’t want you to think she isn’t a happy girl but she is dramatic and sometimes a camera causes her to fall on the floor in pain! This past summer we had one of those days. Nothing was fun so I was taking pictures of her brother playing and then (dun dun dun) there was a baby lizard. And it got on her. Thank goodness I had my camera for the freak out that happened!

Check out her faces


I was so glad I caught this moment! I haven’t titled it yet but I think it will be Get it OFF! And the blank white square is for my journaling. What do you think? Now don’t forget to scrapbook the not so perfect moments!

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