Scrap Limbo

SO my scrapbook room is still under construction and I am so displaced and disorganized it isn’t even funny.  I am going through papercut with draws!  I am hoping that it will be done in a week or so and I can get club and scrap nights back up and running.  Yall are going to love the new space and I cant wait to share it with you!  In the mean time I have been trying to keep up to date with my photos and events with Studio J.  ctmh_cruise_-_1

no_limits_-_1I have loved playing with Studio J since the recent update.  Did you know that you now can add photos to a layout?  In fact now, you can create a layout from scratch.  Its so much fun.  I also love that I can print my favorite pictures off at just the perfect sizes that I need.photos_-_1

These are our recent family photos and yes I know I printed two of the same photo but I already have the perfect layout designed for these and I have a 5×7 frame that needs to be filled so I killed two birds with one stone!  This layout will cost me $6.95 but I am getting $9.00 worth of pictures here.  Thats a great deal and I am getting sizes that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to print!  Give Studio J  a try here you are going to love it!

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