December Daily

So I have seen a lot of posts about December Daily #decdaily and started researching it.  I have found the most info about it from Ali Edwards  Basically it is a way to totally capture the season for you and your family.  The basis of it is to make some sort of project everyday and to keep them all together.  It is similar to project life but on a much smaller scale.  With all the technology out there it is super simple to have something to scrap or show everyday.  Some people do a 12×12 book but mainly it seems to be on a smaller smash book type scale.  Well I decided to do my own take on it and will be participating in my own way.  A lot of people use digital elements and digital layouts.  Thats not really me (not to mention I dont have those skills).  I am going to do it so that it fits into my already established album.  I sat down and drew my ideas out the other night and well it was a mess but…I came up with an idea using 4×6 layouts and pairing them with flip flaps and our awesome Memory Protector Photo Storage Pages.  Photo storage pages

SO of course in sticking with the theme of my life I am already behind thanks to  bouts of Flu and Pneumonia (thank the lord for modern medicine).  But I have started a little bit and I have all my sketches going on.  so Ill show you the start of my December Daily and you can check back here to follow me.  I hope you enjoy and maybe you will be inspired to start your own.December Daily


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