4 Weeks until CHRISTMAS!

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner.  This is such a fun time in our house.  I am really looking forward to the Joy and understanding that will be new for us this year.  I am not looking forward to my very curious son that continues to think every ornament on the tree is a ball and must be thrown (Emmy never messed with the tree, Ev is a totally different story). Emmy is already so excited about the tree, Santa, presents, and all the Christmas Songs.  But she has an understanding of the real meaning of Christmas this year which brings me such joy!  We have one of those Fisher Price Manger play sets and she walks around the house telling Jesus how special he is to her.  You wanna talk about warming my heart.

My goal for the next week is to capture her joy in pictures and scrapbook it so I can remember this realization.  I hope you will take lots of photos but make sure to remember the big things and write them down so when you do finally get around to putting your pictures in books you can remember the total moment!



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